Clenand Its History in Medical Field


Clenbuterol often called as Clen is one of the most famous health supplement targeted for weight loss. There are many benefits this drug gives over others so this is always on the top and mostly unbeatable in all sales section. The origin of this drug is claimed to be very early and is invented originally for medical purpose. This drug is very effective in curing respiratory related diseases in humans and horses. People with bronchiolitis and other minor respiratory issues are said to have benefited from Clenbuterol from earlier days. Off late, as medical advancement happened it was found that this drug is also capable in aiding weight loss. This is one of the important milestones and from there on this drug has been widely used in the weight loss segment.

Clen cycles and correct usage procedure

Clen is claimed to be safest and most effective in many aspects. The main point is that this is non-steroid and does not have any effects a steroid can cause. Also, this is milder when compared to other products in the same category and hence this is marked safe for women as well. But there are supposed to be some minor issues even with this safe drug if not taken properly. Clen is supposed to aid in weight loss by burning additional body fat by promoting protein synthesis. By increasing this process, more lipid or fat cells are burnt and this results in increased metabolic activity in the human body. Inappropriate usage or incorrect methodology of taking this drug may lead to severe health issues. There are specific cycles to be followed while taking this drug and it is also preferred to take Clenbuterol tablets in the morning as taking it post afternoon might cause sleeping disorders.

Benefits and word of caution for using Clen

Clen is supposed to be taken in cycles as told already. Men are advised to take 40mcg per day while women are advised to take 20mcg per day. It is advised to start with mild dosage and continues to increase 10mcg per day till the user reaches the maximum limit. In meantime, the user will have to stop using the Clenbuterol cycle for 2 weeks to see how the user’s body accepts Clen intake. This period is called resting period and tests how far a user can cope up with the Clen cycle. Once started it is not advisable to break the cycle without proper suggestion and advice. Also, the user is supposed to get required reviews from a physician as required to be on a safer side. Bot starting the dosage and stopping then dosages should not be abruptly done at a time.

How safe is Clen for regular consumption

Though Clen is claimed to be safe, there is a limit on Clen usage. Also, there are timings when Clen can be consumed. It is advisable to take Clenbuterol tablets in the morning to promote body metabolism and avoid sleeping disorders. Similarly, a user is supposed to know the dosages and cycles one will have to follow while on medication. It is also better to know the ingredients, possible side effects this tablet can cause upon regular intake. Normally, a user continues Clen for couple of months and gives a resting period before starting next dose or switching to other products.

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