Why Search Engine Optimization is Critical to Business Growth

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of getting the highest amount of visitors to your website by guaranteeing that your website appears front and center on the list of search engine results. You ideally want to have page-one status of search engine results on major ones like Google and Bing. This will bring the most amount of people to your website every month and ensure a steady stream of new potential customers.

As a content marketing strategy, search engine optimization has an incredible return on investment. Part of the reason is that search engine optimization works to enhance your other content marketing initiatives as it works hand-in-glove with your social media outreach and core website to increase your exposure online.

Often when you collaborate with an SEO they’ll provide you with feedback from month-to-month that gives you a breakdown of how many more visitors you’re receiving since starting your SEO journey. You can study your increase in search rankings, the keywords that are sending your rankings soaring, and your conversion-rate improvement since you started taking search engine optimization more seriously.

Conversions start with higher website traffic, and that’s just what search engine optimization can provide small and established businesses alike.

When you intelligently place keywords in a blog post and audit your site’s framework you can realize all of the benefits that SEO has to offer your business. HubSpot found that 80% of any given website’s traffic starts with a search query (or question) on major search engines like Google. The takeaway point is that you’ll need to really pay attention to how you design your website to take full advantage of search engines to reach new customers and retain current ones.

The nice thing about search engine optimization when it comes to customer outreach is that you’ll automatically make your website more navigable by optimizing it for search engines. A core decider for how highly search engines rank a particular website is how easy that website is to navigate and whether or not it loads across a range of different devices. Ideally, your website should be able to load seamlessly on a smartphone, tablet, or regular desktop.

An intuitive website is more convenient for customers and should result in your leapfrogging the competition when it comes to obtaining page-one status on major search engines. You might be thinking that page-one status isn’t that important. The truth is that 75% of users don’t get beyond the first page of a search engine’s results. That’s a sobering statistic that should be a wake-up call for businesses still not quite sure that search engine optimization is right for them.

Whether you’re running a business in San Francisco, New York or somewhere in between you can benefit from search engine optimization’s proven ability to increase your impressions and clicks. You want people to stay on your site for longer and check out all of the goods and services that you have on offer. All of this should mean more brand awareness too.


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